Located at Mathura, near bear rescue center, is the Elephant Conservation and Care Center.
“Elephant Conservation and Care Center” is a project of Wildlife SOS, created in 2010 in collaboration with the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department to rehabilitate severely abused captive elephants in distress. All the elephants housed at the center have shocking stories of the situations they had to be rescued from. Here, several elephants that used to spend their days doing hard work in often harsh conditions are living out their retirement years in peace and safety. No longer forced to bear heavy loads, or walk on hot pavement, these majestic creatures are finally able to spend their days happily, with frequent baths, a nutritious diet, and good veterinary care.
The Elephant Conservation and Care Center currently houses 20 elephants which include 12 females and 8 male elephants. The center is full of natural vegetation with enough open fields around for their daily walks and several trees available to scratch themselves, thus making it closest to the natural habitat of the elephants. Water pools have been provided to the elephants with free access for them to bath and play in the water, at will.